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Professional Media Degausser

Business 101 for 2016

The world as we know it is changing at an incomprehensible speed. Now more than ever companies from large to small need to protect their data at all costs. Whether you need to back up your data in the event of a natural disaster or man made disaster 9 to 5 Computer tech guys are here […]


Garner HD-1 Professional Degausser

Garner HD-1  Professional Degausser Don’t risk data security Magnetically erase all hard drives and tapes before re-use or disposal. The HD-1 Professional Degausser is designed specifically to erase high-coercivity media.  High coercivity media includes hard drives and all metal particle tape formats such as Beta SP, Beta SX, Digital BetaCam, D1-D5, 3490 data cartridges and more. […]


Garner MDS-5 Professional Degausser

The MDS-5 Professional Degausser is designed for today’s wide variety of media formats and features simple operation and quality erasure – at an affordable price. The MDS-5 uses Garner’s proven electro-magnetic coil system specially designed for quiet, reliable operation.  Erasing your tapes or reels is easy and it only takes a few seconds. You simply […]


Garner MDS-4 Professional Degausser

Garner MDS-4   Professional Degausser The Garner MDS-4 Professional Media Degausser is designed to handle all formats of cassettes and tape reels up to 16 inches in diameter. The MDS-4 operates continuously without overheating in the low field strength setting and intermittently in the high field strength setting. In low, the MDS-4 erases formats such as […]