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Hard Drives

Corporate America

9 to 5 Computer is a leading supplier to Corporate America. We are a premier source for storage media such as DLT, LTO, Tape Backup, optical libraries, hard drive duplicators, and the list goes on. Contact our Tech Guys and they will give you all the storage media options and benefits of each.


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Hard Drive Crash Solutions

Think about what you would do if you lost valuable information for your business in the event of a natural or unnatural disaster. Would you be able to recover that information in a timely manner to get your business back up and running? Talk to our Technical experts for information on the best cost effective […]


Hard Drive Crashes– Lois Lerner- IRS

We all know that having a hard drive crash with important information can wreck havoc in our lives. And unlike the IRS not every one wants to have a hard drive crash. Here at 9 to 5 Computer we help you attain the best back up equipment to protect your valuable files. Our dedicated technical […]


Gigabit Interface Converter

Gigabit Interface Converter; a Fibre Channel optical or copper transceiver that is easily swapped to offer a flexible choice of copper or fiber optic media. An optical GBIC supports both shortwave and longwave optical transmission, an important criteria when trying to go the distance. Full line of new, used and refurbished Fibre Channel HBA’s, drives, […]


Rapid Image™

The Rapid Image™ Hard Drive Duplicators are Industrial Hard Disk Duplicators designed to copy 1 “Master” hard drive to up to 19 “Target” hard drives at Fast SATA-III Speeds. It can also be configured to copy multiple Master drives simultaneously.  



JBOD  also known as just a bunch of disks is an architecture using multiple hard drives, but not in a RAID configuration, thus providing neither redundancy nor performance improvements. Hard drives may be handled independently as separate logical volumes, or they may be combined into a single logical volume using a volume manager  such volumes […]