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Backup Hard Drive

Business 101 for 2016

The world as we know it is changing at an incomprehensible speed. Now more than ever companies from large to small need to protect their data at all costs. Whether you need to back up your data in the event of a natural disaster or man made disaster 9 to 5 Computer tech guys are here […]


Business Data

Are you doing enough to protect your business data? Security is important but if you are not backing up your data you will LOOSE Ensure your data is backed up and test the back up to ensure you can recover it. Call our Tech Guys to find the best back up devices for your size […]


Holiday Shopping

Looking for  a unique gift for that hard to please person? How about a back up drive for all those pictures and work projects. Yes sure you can back up to the cloud but think about how safe everything on the internet has not been in the last year and now we have cloud companies […]


Corporate America

9 to 5 Computer is a leading supplier to Corporate America. We are a premier source for storage media such as DLT, LTO, Tape Backup, optical libraries, hard drive duplicators, and the list goes on. Contact our Tech Guys and they will give you all the storage media options and benefits of each.


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What if your Cloud Vendor shut down???

What if your Cloud vendor shut down??? What would happen to your data if Cloud vendor went out of business?  If a vendor goes belly up, what happens to your data and how do you get your data that might be business critical? Can your business afford to be with out certain data as you […]



The SuperSonix hard disk drive duplicator, the second generation of Logicube’s popular Sonix, is a compact and portable cloning solution with blazing cloning speeds approaching 8GB/min. A full color touch screen provides an easy to use interface, and built-in support for SATA/IDE along with optional SAS drive support makes the SuperSonix an extremely versatile duplicator


Backup Hard Disk Drive

Backup or copy your entire hard disk drive contents to suit your needs with the touch of a button and without the need to be connected to any computer. Duplication mode uses Sector by Sector copying to minimize data loss and/or corruption.