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December, 2017

TS-1 Degausser

Why IRONCLAD • NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1 degausser completely erases all data in 45 seconds • Captures and records images of degaussed  hard drives • Scans serial numbers of degaussed hard drives • Documents operator ID and erasure status of hard drives • Generates IRONCLAD erasure report with images for audit purposes • Creates a secure […]


Garner TS-1 IRONCLAD Degausser Erasure Verification System

Garner’s TS-1 degausser with IRONCLAD automated erasure verification and image capture system validates data has been completely eliminated. Fully integrated with the Garner TS-1 NSA/CSS EPL-listed hard drive degausser, the IRONCLAD scans the serial number, captures an image of the degaussed hard drive, and records the operator ID and erasure status of degaussed hard drives. […]