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August, 2014


CW903-60135  CMB UV LAMP 200 WATT PER CM FOR SERVICE   $984.74



501483-001D   SYSTEM BOARD INTEL C2D 2730p  $1048.60



CW903-60135   MAINTENANCE KIT  $1214.44


Computer Peripheral

A peripheral device is generally defined as any auxiliary device such as a computer mouse or keyboard, that connects to and works with the computer in some way. Other examples of peripherals are expansion cards, graphics cards, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, webcams, and digital cameras. RAM – random access memory – straddles the […]


Obsolete Computer Supplier

9 to 5 Computer is you supplier for obsolete computer peripheral •Backup Devices & Media •Barebone / Mini Computers •CD / DVD Burners & Media •Computer Accessories •Computer Cases •CPUs / Processors •Fans & Heatsinks •Flash Memory & Readers •Hard Drives •Input Devices •Keyboards & Mice •Memory •Monitors •Motherboards •Power Protection •Power Supplies •Servers •Video […]


Hard Drive Duplicator

A hard drive duplicator is designed specifically for making one or more copies, often without tying up a computer that might be needed for other functions. Using HDD duplicating software packages are typically much more complicated and time-consuming to use compared to the few button pushes it takes to clone an HDD using a duplicator. […]


Network Managment

Outsourcing your company’s network management can save your business time and money. With outsourcing, your company can leverage the full potential of its technical assets without the need to employ in-house technicians. Call us at 800-334-3282 to find out  how we can help your company’s network management issues.


Corporate America

9 to 5 Computer is a leading supplier to Corporate America. We are a premier source for storage media such as DLT, LTO, Tape Backup, optical libraries, hard drive duplicators, and the list goes on. Contact our Tech Guys and they will give you all the storage media options and benefits of each.


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What if your Cloud Vendor shut down???

What if your Cloud vendor shut down??? What would happen to your data if Cloud vendor went out of business?  If a vendor goes belly up, what happens to your data and how do you get your data that might be business critical? Can your business afford to be with out certain data as you […]


Understanding the latest developments in storage technology is crucial

Understanding the latest developments in storage technology is crucial to any company. That understanding can be overwhelming for most companies. Our 9 to 5 Computer Tech Guys spend time keeping up on the latest developments in technology and we can lay out all the options available and help you make a cost effective choice in […]