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April, 2014

IT Hardware Provider

9 TO 5 COMPUTER realizes you have a choice when it comes to choosing an IT Hardware provider. Whether you require new cutting edge technology, used tested equipment, fully refurbished gear, repair, rental, on-site service or a maintenance contract, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER can meet your demands. We have been serving the industry since 1979 […]


Gigabit Interface Converter

Gigabit Interface Converter; a Fibre Channel optical or copper transceiver that is easily swapped to offer a flexible choice of copper or fiber optic media. An optical GBIC supports both shortwave and longwave optical transmission, an important criteria when trying to go the distance. Full line of new, used and refurbished Fibre Channel HBA’s, drives, […]


COPAN Systems’ Native MAID 300M

COPAN Systems’ Native MAID 300M provides the keys to solving the Persistent Data challenges — effectively managin the growth, costs and complexities for growing volumes of long-term fixed or static data. By providing easy integration with existing data protection, data archiving, storage tiering, and other data-aware applications. The 300M eases management, reduces costs, and integrates […]


Certance CL 400H

Certance CL 400H half-height solutions offer the most affordable entry to the LTO Ultrium roadmap, delivering LTO-2 data protection at a price point SMBs can afford. CL 800 provides LTO-3 capacity and performance at LTO-2 price point, enabling up to 800 GB capacity and up to 490 GB/hr performance.


LTO Ultrium

Delivering on the promise of an open format, LTO Ultrium provides higher quality, better performance and a better TCO than proprietary formats. Shipping more than 350,000 drives in the last year, and out-shipping SDLT by more than 2:1 since 2003, LTO has cemented itself as a data protection requirement for tape drive and automation in […]


Remember the Floppy Disk

Floppy Disks!!! WOW!!!! remember we used to think those were the days. The Floppy disks came out in 1971 my how times have changed. While we realize that Floppy Disks are a thing of the past  we still know some computers and  parts are not and there is still a need for a lot of after […]


SmartLF Ci 24

The SmartLF Ci 24 is a fast, accurate and affordable 24″ technical   document scanner offering easy, face-up, instant-on desktop scanning and   copying to any workstation or printer across a network. Fitting easily onto a desktop or wall shelf, the super small   SmartLF Ci 24 large format scanner offers professional A1 or D size scan   and […]


SmartLF Ci 40

SmartLF Ci 40 is the fourth generation Colortrac CIS wide format   scanner designed from the outset to be the most affordable, cost   effective and portable 40″ technical document scanner on the market. The innovative design with its unique front load, front exit   media path, small footprint and light weight (22kg / 49lbs) make desktop   or […]


HUGE Systems Media Vault MAX

HUGE Systems Media Vault MAX   The MediaVault-Max is a true plug and play switchable RAID 0 or RAID 3 disk array that provides the maximum performance at the lowest cost for any intensive media application. Protected storage has never been so affordable.  * 120 MB/sec sustained transfer  * Capacities to 1.25TB  * Ultra160 SCSI […]



Adobe® After Effects® 6.5 software continues to set new standards in motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, DVD, and the Web. Offering unmatched integration with Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe Encore™ DVD, Adobe Audition™ , Photoshop , Photoshop ® CS, and Illustrator® CS software, After Effects gives you the speed, precision, and power to […]