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March, 2014

Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation 9 to 5 Computer Supply has the Sony Corporation Sony Hi-MD Media HIMD1A from our stock of millions of IT parts. We specialize in computer office products and supplies, with the Sony Hi-MD Media HIMD1A from Sony Corporation among our inventory of new, used, refurbished, hard to find, end of life and obsolete […]


Tape Products

9 TO 5 COMPUTER specializes in the sale and support of tape products, including tape drives, autoloaders and libraries. Over the years we have helped hundreds of customers select the right products for their unique applications. Based upon the questions we have been asked and the advice given, and have prepared this document to help […]


Small Offices/Home Offices (SOHO)

Small Offices/Home Offices (SOHO) looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy security appliance and VPN connection. SOHO requiring reduced operational costs through flexible traffic management SOHO needing a dynamically updated database for accurate and effective Web Content Filtering services (powered by Bluecoat) SOHO or workgroups requiring transparent firewall for flexible and easy deployment SOHO looking for […]



SONY AITE1040S SONY AIT5 400GB 24MBS                                             EXT SCSI DRIVEEXT BLK HD68 W/QUICKSTART                                             V11D SG SONY KIT-5S1B-4 5.25in MOUNTING FRAMES                                             AND AFRONT BEZEL SONY KIT-A51SW STD OFF-WHITE 5.25″                                             HH AIT DRIVE BEZEL KIT INCLUDES 2                                             SIDE SONY KIT5S1W2 WHT 5.25IN MOUNTING                                             KIT FOR SDT-7200/7000/9000 SONY LIB-162/A2 Sony Lib162 w/ 2 x                                             AIT2LVD Library SONY LIB-162/A3 SONY […]



SPECTRA LOGIC 90840318 SDC BOARD SE/HVD                                             FOR 10K BULLFROG SPECTRA LOGIC 90841200 UNIFIED CONTROL                                             MODULE FOR 10K BULLFROG SPECTRA LOGIC 90849405-0-SR Spectra                                             Logic 40 SLOT TAPE LIBRARY 0 DRIVES SPECTRA LOGIC 90849405-0-ST SPECTRA LOGIC 90876185-1-W1 Spectra                                             Logic 2K Treefrog 15 Slot (1) AIT2 SPECTRA LOGIC 908761F5-1-W1 SPECTRA                                             2000 W/ 2 DRV BAYS – 15 SLOTS […]



STORAGETEK 1000856-02 LTO GEN3 2Gb                                             FC HP DRV FOR STK STORAGETEK 1000857-02 LTO GEN2 2Gb/s                                             FC LOADER DRIVE (STK) STORAGETEK 1000872-02 LTO GEN2 LOADER                                             TAPE DRIVE FOR STORAGETEK STORAGETEK 100088102 STORAGETEK LTO1                                             LOADER DRIVE HVD STORAGETEK 100098401 LTO GEN1 HP LVD                                             LOADER DRIVE FOR TLTOP01-002 – CEI:                                             313650401 STORAGETEK 100098501 LTO GEN1 LVD                                             SCSI SEAGATE […]


Tape Drives

SUN 10187012 SUN SCSI universal 68MD                                             to 68VHDCI 5m SUN 340-5673 Right Mounting Bracket SUN 370-3723 DLT7000 HVD SCSI DRV                                             ASSY FOR L11000 SUN 3702865-01 DLT 4000 with tray                                             from ETL4/1000 SUN 3703332-01 DLT Loader Drive in                                             tray for Sun ETL 4/1800 Library. SUN 3703332-02 DLT Loader Drive in                                             tray for Sun ETL 4/1800 Library. […]


Tape Drives

ADIC – Pathlight VX                                             450 ADIC – Pathlight VX 650 ADIC – FastStor 1 Tape AutoLoader ADIC – FastStor 2 Tape Autoloader ADIC – Scalar 24 Tape Library ADIC – Scalar 100 Tape Library ADIC – Scalar i500 Tape Library ADIC – Scalar i2000 Tape Library ADIC – Scalar 10K Tape Library ADIC – AML/J […]


CD And DVD Duplicators Condre

BEST SOLUTION FOR AUTOMATED STANDALONE DUPLICATION User Interface: Intuitive GUI Interface Supported Formats: CD-R , DVD–R, DVD+R and Dual Format Capacity: 180 or 300 Discs Power Supply: Switch Selectable


End of Life Technologies

When you need End-Of-Life Compaq, Discontinued, Obsolete, Legacy, Obscure,  Proprietary, Customized or otherwise difficult to locate spare parts, call 9to5computer.com. We provide computer  parts, discount computer parts, replacement parts, upgrades, storage solutions. We provide new used and refurbished wholesale parts; hard drives,  tape drives, SCSI controllers and more. CRU Dataport, portable storage for data protection, […]


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