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February, 2014


LTO-2 cartridge Linear Tape-Open (or LTO) is a magnetic tape data storage technology originally developed in the late 1990s as an open standards alternative to the proprietary magnetic tape formats that were available at the time. Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate initiated the LTO Consortium, which directs development and manages licensing and certification of media and […]



SuperDuper Cloner – SHA256 (1:8 SATA/IDE Mass HDD Duplicator – Clone/Wipe) 9 8” SATA cables, 9 8” IDE ribbon cables, 1 Molex to SATA DC power cable, 4 Molex to SATA “Y” DC power cables, 1 Molex to Molex power cable, 4 Molex to Molex “Y” DC power cables, 2 Molex to SATA power adapters, […]



 Shadow 3 w/ Built-in Write Blocker (Forensic computer analysis/ investigation/presentation device for SATA/IDE computers) 1 DC power cable, 1 0.5m SATA cable, 1 IDE to SATA adapter, 1 SATA to IDE adapter, 1 SATA extension cable for SATA laptops, 1 SATA extension cable with rigid end for side mount HD laptops, 1 serial interface cable, […]



Voom Technologies HardCopy 3P – MD5/SHA256 (1:2 Forensic SATA/IDE HDD Imager) 2 SATA DC hard-drive power cables, 3 0.5m SATA I/O cables, 1 18″ IDE ribbon cable, 1 serial interface cable, 1 auto-ranging AC power supply  


Storage Loader LTO Autoloader

The convenience and reduced administrative resources of an automated solution and a mid-range feature set at a budget-friendly cost makes the StorageLoader a “best-in-class” choice for SMBs moving to automated backup from traditional standalone tape drives. It uses either an LTO-2 or LTO-3 half-height drive and has an unique cartridge-load design of two 4-slot removable […]


VXA PacketLoader

The VXA PacketLoader 1×10 1U autoloader with the VXA-320 Packet tape drive offers a winning combination of industry-leading data density, standard features and economy. Built around the VXA-320 Packet tape drive, the VXA-320 PacketLoader provides up to 3.2 TB data protection and includes standard features like an integrated barcode scanner and remote management — features […]


VXA-320 Packet Tape Drive

The VXA-320 Packet Tape Drive, raises the bar for the level of protection and performance customers can expect for their investment. Built around the award-winning, disaster-tested packet technology, VXA-320 packet tape drives are the ideal choice for small and medium enterprises- offering up to 24MB/s and 160/320GB (native/compressed) of data on a single tape.



In less than 20 minutes after opening the box, with just a few simple steps and without special expertise, you can have an enterprise-class SAN that can be provisioned as needed – simply, seamlessly and without downtime. PS Series – Intelligent, Enterprise-Class Storage  Founded on the premise of simplifying networked storage, EqualLogic’s PS Series is […]


EqualLogic Enterprise Solutions

Simplifying Networked Storage Whether you’re looking to consolidate servers to lower operational costs, replicate for data protection or upgrade your Network Attached Storage (NAS) to a full featured iSCSI SAN, EqualLogic offers affordable storage solutions with enterprise-strength performance and reliability with ease of installation, management and growth. Storage Solutions  Storage Consolidation: iSCSI SAN brings the […]


Computer Parts

We provide computer parts, discount computer parts, replacement parts, upgrades, storage solutions, discontinued parts, spare parts, components, end of life peripherals and systems. We provide new used and refurbished wholesale parts; hard drives, tape drives, SCSI controllers and more. Computer office products and supplies are our specialty.


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