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TS-1 Degausser

Why IRONCLAD • NSA/CSS EPL-listed TS-1 degausser completely erases all data in 45 seconds • Captures and records images of degaussed  hard drives • Scans serial numbers of degaussed hard drives • Documents operator ID and erasure status of hard drives • Generates IRONCLAD erasure report with images for audit purposes • Creates a secure […]

Garner TS-1 IRONCLAD Degausser Erasure Verification System

Garner’s TS-1 degausser with IRONCLAD automated erasure verification and image capture system validates data has been completely eliminated. Fully integrated with the Garner TS-1 NSA/CSS EPL-listed hard drive degausser, the IRONCLAD scans the serial number, captures an image of the degaussed hard drive, and records the operator ID and erasure status of degaussed hard drives. […]

Hard Drive Shredders

Protecting corporate data is a must these days. Whether your company is a large hospital system or financial company your company can not afford a costly breach due to poorly discarded hard drives. IT professionals know we are their best resource for hard drive destruction equipment. Our tech guys are the knowledge base you need […]

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AMS-12500 paper shredders

AMS-12500 paper shredders are available in 125 to 200 horsepower models. They look identical but each successive model has more power, a larger drive train and greater shredding capacity. All components, including shafts, cutters and bearings, are sized for the largest horsepower in the series.


DS-45 | DS-55 45 & 55 HP Models

DS-45 | DS-55 E Scrape and E Waste shredders are high torque, low speed, dual shaft shredders in a choice of 45 or 55 HP models. They produce shredded pieces that are the width of the cutters times a variable length. All of our e-scrap shredders include double hooked cutters, self cleaning combers, a direct drive and auto reverse. They will shred […]


AMS-500cc  are conveyor fed and available in 3 to 10 horsepower models. They look identical but each successive model has more power, a larger drive train and greater shredding capacity. All components, including the shafts, cutters and bearings, are sized for the largest horsepower in the series. AMS-500cc paper shredders are manufactured from solid steel and have individual precision-ground […]


AMS-300CC  will shred large paper clips, staples, credit cards and cardboard as easily as paper. The cutters are manufactured from a high grade alloy that is known for its durability and ability to hold a cutting edge.

AMS-2000 HD

AMS-2000Hd will shred most rotary hard drives, circuit boards, cell phones, copier hard drives, laptop & notepad computers, and assorted e-scrap for high volume applications. These slow speed, high torque hard drive shredders are made from solid steel and require three phase power.

Mobile Shredding Trailer

The Mobile Shredding Trailer a great economical solution for mobile document destruction. The trailer has a smaller footprint than a full size shredding truck, which makes it easier to maneuver, and it uses less fuel. It has a side ramp and includes a conveyor fed, industrial paper shredder, in either a strip cut or a […]

Mobile Shredding Truck

The Entry Level Mobile Shredding Truck is the most affordable shredding truck on the market. It was designed for mobile document destruction start-ups but this economical option is used extensively throughout the recycling industry. It allows you to add on-site document destruction for a fraction of the cost of an automated truck and has wide appeal for […]

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